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World Truck Driving Simulator

Prepare to embark on a thrilling odyssey, taking the helm of some of the globe’s most iconic trucks in World Truck Driving Simulator. Brace yourself for a journey where demanding roads will push your driving prowess to its limits. It’s time to dive headfirst into the World Truck Driving Simulator like never before!

Key Features:

1. A Truck for Every Taste: Take your pick from a diverse lineup of trucks, including Brazilian, European, and American models. And stay tuned, because more trucks are on the way in future updates!

2. Customization Galore: Make your trucks, trailers, and drivers uniquely yours with custom paint jobs. Show off your style on the open road!

3. Realistic Thrills: We’ve gone the extra mile to replicate real truck physics by consulting with actual truckers and testing real vehicles. Feel the suspension in the cabin, the bumps in the road, antenna movement, and even how the terrain affects your grip, especially on rainy days. We’ve left no stone unturned!

4. Your Way to Drive: Tweak the steering sensitivity and choose from various control options to match your comfort level and skill. It’s your driving style, your way.

5. Smoke rising: Savor the realistic smoke rising from your exhaust as you rev up your engine. It’s these little touches that make a big difference in your journey. Enjoy the lifelike smoke signals as you power your truck forward, because it’s the small details that add that extra magic to your experience

6. Shifting Gears: Decide between automatic and manual transmissions to suit your preference. Take control of your truck!

7. Personalize Your Space: Adjust your driver’s position within the cabin to find the perfect spot. Make your truck a home away from home.

8.World Truck Driving Simulator¬†Functions at Your Fingertips: Experience the nuances of trucking with realistic simulations of essential functions, including differential locks, engine brakes, autopilot, turn signals, and much more. It’s all part of the package!

9. Eye-Catching Graphics: Get set for an adventure where the visuals will sweep you into a world of pure, breathtaking beauty, leaving you absolutely spellbound.

10. Conquer the Roads Less Traveled: Challenge yourself with perilous routes, dirt tracks, and a host of obstacles. Show you’ve got what it takes to be a top-notch trucker.

11. Endless Exploration: Roam through a vast open-world map featuring multiple cities, and watch it expand further in future updates!

12. Diverse Cargo Hauls: Transport various types of goods, from dry cargo to bi-trains, with more loads coming soon. The cargo is your responsibility!

13. Day and Night Delight: Witness the dynamic day-night cycle, adding an extra layer of realism to your journey.

14. Weather the Storm: Prepare for changing weather conditions, including rain and climate shifts. Nature can be unpredictable!

15. Leaderboard Rivalry: Climb to the top and prove your trucking skills on global leaderboards.

16. Achieve Greatness: Unlock numerous achievements as you conquer the roads and make a name for yourself in the trucking world.

17. Financial Insights: Keep tabs on your earnings and expenses with a detailed financial report.

18. Real Road Challenges: Encounter speed traps, radar checks, interact with people at companies, navigate weigh stations, pay tolls, refuel at gas stations, and dive into a multitude of in-game events.

19. Guided by GPS: Stay on the right path with an in-dashboard GPS system.

20. Driver’s License, Personalized: Create a driver’s license with your own photo, showcasing your level, fines, completed hauls, kilometers driven, and the number of trucks in your fleet. Share your success with friends!

This is just the beginning of your World Truck Driving Simulator adventure, as we’re committed to delivering exciting updates to keep the journey fresh and exciting. Hit the road and stay tuned for more!

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